So Why
New Approach?

What Others Have To Say...

The classes offer a powerful workshop that opens a door to all levels of experience.

Mary Ellen Trozzo Jeweler/Metalsmith

Blaine takes a personal interest in the success of each student and his work ethic is second to none.

Michael Kane VP of Manufacturing, Tiffany & Co.

I would highly recommend that anyone who has an interest in pursuing a career as a Bench Jeweler attend his Graduate Bench Jewelers Program.

Frank Smeraglia III Mobile, AL

New Approach School for Jewelers was a great experience. Lots of hands on work, excellent demonstrations and explanation through out the class.

Natalie Pazarian California, MD

Blaine’s style of teaching is on a totally different level than instruction at any of the other schools I’ve attended.

Bond M. Edenfield Taylors, SC

The innovative techniques he employs at New Approach put him in front of any school in the nation.

Ross Elliott Ross Elliott Jewelers, Terra Haute, IN

Our Mission

Our mission at the New Approach School for Jewelers (NASJ) is to offer both fresh and experienced bench jewelers visual-intensive, hands-on jewelry repair and fabrication training  to help them increase their productivity and profitability.

To achieve this, NASJ employs innovative visual teaching methods, such as high magnification video of live demonstrations in a user-friendly and interactive workshop environment to help students rapidly grasp and implement bench techniques, practices, and tricks shared by our team of expert instructors.